About Me

Tomasz Balik, born (not created) in 1989. An artist, or rather a painter, but also a part-time sculptor, still a novice apprentice in philosophy, storyteller, inquiring debater, amateur photographer and critic expert of his art.

He studied a bit. Instead of attending boring lectures he preferred to read in solitude and discuss the books over with himself. He touched a bit of sociology, he romanced with philosophy and cultural anthropology, he flirted with physics buuut... ineffectively, and he is in separation from esthetics - at the moment the relationship status states: "it's complicated". But to this day he remains in friendship with pedagogy in general meaning, which he nevertheless doesn't consider science.

He prefers to talk than to write, to do nothing than to do something, to be than to have.

In his free time he’s talking with people and other animals.

After many hardships and fears that have not yet expired, he decides to finally show a part of his works, which have remained hidden so far.


Feel free to email me to ask about my works, or just to say hello!